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TeamView – organize your company without spreadsheet or emails

TeamView is a new cloud app that aims to be the ‘productivity app to end all – well, most – productivity apps’. The idea was born from seeing again and again and again how a company faces the ‘ok, we should organize this better’ question on parts of their process, and they are then faced with these options:

  • Investigate, and if something fitting is found, invest – both time and money – in a ‘specialized’ app.
  • Throw something together with a shared spreadsheet, document, or similar.

Something’s missing here. So many things need organising right from the start, while very few of those should require a choice between a mess and an investment.

As a developer, there is always a third option, because you see crystal-clear what the solution to the ‘we should organize this’ question is:

  • it’s just a relational database.

But to stand a chance at being adopted, a relational database needs a better interface than PhpMyAdmin, which – I speak from experience – has way too many scary ‘drop’ buttons that should almost never be touched.

Enter TeamView,  which is ‘just a relational database’, except it has a user interface worth the name, doesn’t require a degree in relational queries to set up, and is instantly accessible as soon as it’s set up. Throwing an ‘app’ together to manage your meeting rooms or who is using which company computer should be easy.

I have a lot more to say on the subject, and TeamView is very much still in the ‘idea phase’, with me frantically building a bit towards ‘MVC’ when I have an hour to spare here and there.

But this post is mainly just to prove a point about brand name uniqueness and google. Go to TeamView.

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